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Public Intox

Public Intox is an Ottawa, Ontario-based Canadian streetwear brand started in Montreal, Quebec by Dartmouth, Nova Scotia native Brad Leaton, the musical pseudonym of Brad Fougere (@fouge).

As an independent youth growing up in Halifax, Leaton started Public Intox in homage to the local practice of throwing intoxicated patrons of downtown Halifax into a holding cell for the evening.

Public Intox served as the publishing and production arm for Leaton’s musical endeavours in the mid-2000s serving as the label via several singles and an EP were recorded, produced, published, and released.

Throughout a period of personal and professional growth and change, Fougere re-oriented the brand to continue to align with personal interest in football, journalism, technology, and music.

As a long-time venture hinging on personal interest, Public Intox is poised for a period of growth as a brand. The items contained in the deadstock and sample sections of the store provide patrons with an opportunity to leverage their support for the brand vision.

A staple and premium offering selection is a targeted focus for 2022 with multiple bland brand collaborations underway.

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